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Looking for a storage solution for either your warehouse or home? Welcome to SPAR, Sydney's leading racking products and accessories specialist.

How are we different from the average racking supplier? For our Direct Customers: We have earned our name in the Pallet racking market with our exceptional customer service that will lay the standards for the industry. We adapt simple and transparent costing methods to secure long-term relationships with our customers. Our products supplied will always meet and exceed Australian standards. Our customers are welcome into our store to have a chat and pick up the products to check them before they buy.

For our Distributors: While providing our Distributors the same customer service standards enjoyed by our customers we always endeavour to bring them our products at the most reasonable prices. This ensures that they retain their goodwill and customers and we retain ours. Our lower operating costs mean lower prices for both our direct and indirect customers!We have spent quite some time researching and building SPAR but are always open to feedback on how we can make it better. Please click here for our Feedback Form if you have any suggestions as each suggestion you make brings us closer to what you would like to see in your next collaborator and helps us work towards that. We assure you that all suggestions received will be looked at seriously.


How will this benefit you? We have invested our experience in the industry and put it behind our products to provide customers with safe and secure products and at an inspiring economical cost. We plan to achieve organic growth and our investments will reflect market understanding to achieve customer satisfaction at the highest level. You can be rest assured of receiving a superior product as our product range is manufactured in facilities certified for ISO 9001:2000 in terms of quality assurance systems by the international agency SGS. They are manufactured to match and surpass international standards such as AS 4084-1993 (Australia), FEM 10.2.02 (Europe), SEMA (UK) & RMI (USA) in terms of structural characteristics. Additionally we also proudly have an Australian certification for structural loading capacities which not many other manufacturers can claim to talk about.



Why deal with SPAR? Our company was created due to a major need experienced in the Pallet Racking market for economical products and accessories supplied with customer service standards the industry lacked. The requirement was for NEW and truly affordable products manufactured to Australian Standards in order to combat the availability of dubious USED products that lacked in safely measures and no past stress history. We felt that making such products available would benefit both distributors, end customers especially where a few manufacturers hold sway over the Australian market, and impose over designed products that customers did not really need. To avoid such issues we have researched our options well and only imported products that we know will best suit a large section of the market enabling us to get larger quantities at better costs thereby passing on these benefits to customers.

Further our lean strategic management style translates to a narrow fee structure which speaks for itself. We have spent quite some time researching and building SPAR but are always open to feedback on how we can make it better.  Please go to our home page and fill in our Feedback Form if you have any suggestions as each and every suggestion you make brings us closer to what you would like to see in your next collaborator and helps us work towards that. We assure you that all suggestions will be looked at in total seriousness.



SPAR products - Unique Selling Point's 1: NEW racking at near USED prices - Why would you buy USED racking when you can buy NEW racking at near USED prices. You are not made aware of the USED products past structural stress history or the fact if it might have been subjected to adverse loads. You can also choose to depend on spurious information from suppliers of these products about this most important aspect. Just be aware that though they sell it they are at most times not aware of the facts themselves! The litmus test for this is when you ask them to certify the racks they sell.


2: Our guarantee (compatibility with the DEXION Mark 5 range) simply means that it will save you downtime and costs to replace old or damaged components with our NEW compatible products and that too at much lower costs. This option will also avoid you having to replace the whole system with a similar higher priced alternative just for a few faulty components. Some of our customers have saved thousands and carried on their business as usual with minimal inconvenience while we carried out our replacements. 3: Our products are certified to AS4084 standards and stamped with our Logo. The product certificates are available for our customers only on demand. The stamping of all our beams with "SPAR" only reiterates our confidence in the product line and the fact that we are here for serious business with your safety our primary concern.


4:Take advantage of the "Buy Direct from Importer" option available only to our retail direct customers to buy from us. We import and stock a large range of products so chances are your requirement will be met with our stocked range. In the rare case your requirements are non-standard, for eg 9000mm Frames or 4000mm long beams we can get it for you in the same time as any supplier at a price that will surprise you.


5: Upright ROTATION not REPLACEMENT in case of impact - in case of a forklift   impact our slot design carries the unique advantage where the upright post can be simply rotated in place after unbolting it from the braces and base plate thereby retaining the damaged end at the top of the frame where it will be out of the way. This assures a significant reduction in aisle & bay downtime.


6: Syneygy in Product aesthetics - Our longspan range is a miniature design of our pallet racking range which will complement each other in your warehouse when installed together.

7: Mandatory Load Signs - We provide FREE load signs for all our installations as a mandatory policy and customer service standard which you will hardly find matched in the industry where these signs are always charged extra. Our team can provide your company with support on any or all of these aspects of designing, budgeting, setting up, maintaining or moving a Warehouse Storage System.

DESIGN Given the intricacies of various aspects of a normal storage system then combiningit with 1000's of SKU's, volumes, weights of products handled and lastly ensuring the system is within the parameters of the Material Handling system, the design of a warehouse layout is quite a challenge. We can help you through this stage with the least of hassles right through to installation and commissioning.

COSTING As with any project, budgeting for Capex approvals is one of the foremost tasks that need to be carried out. This is true specially with respect to unforseen costs that can creep up during a project when Warehouse management is not one of the strengths of the person responsible for the project.

MAINTAINENCE Rack maintainence to specified industry and OH & S standards is regulated by law and can mean penalty attraction when least required by the business just by taking some advance precautionary measures. A professional comnpany like SPAR can guide and lead you in the right direction.

RELOCATION Most comopanies outgrow their warehouse space every 3 to 5 years. When your business comes to this positive standpoint in time SPAR can help you organise and move your goods with the least disturbance to your delivery and logistic departments.

VISUAL AUDITS Not everyone is able to buy new systems or upgrade them every few years. When you inherit an old warehouse with a standing racking system its best to call in experts like SPAR to give the system a lookover, what we call a Visual Audit, so that you dont meet that unexpected rack collapse unprepared.

CONSULTATION We have over 17 years experience in the field of Pallet Racking working with manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This aspect of our business is nothing but the presentation of the positives and negatives of your next project through our trained eyes.

We use our expertise to help customers like your business achieve your current and future growth potential utilising at an economical price point.





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